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Our Specialty Therapy Services

Although we treat most emotional and mental disorders, at Sutherland Psychotherapy Associates, we have three special areas of our practice.  If you are suffering with any of these issues, we want you to visit our office as soon as you can.  Not only are these our passion areas, but we take particular pride in our ability to have mastered these specialties.  We know that you need help and we can guide you on a path to healing and recovery.  You don’t have to do this alone.  We are here for you.

  • Anxiety

  • Addiction

  • Codependency

If you feel nervous most of the time and experience anxiety attacks, don’t wait to book your therapy appointment.  If you or someone you love has an addiction that is holding them back from experiencing life, we encourage you to make an appointment today.  We are subject matter experts in this area and can provide you with counseling and therapy sessions that work.

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Child Counseling and Therapy

SPA offers a range of child therapy, including help for ADD/ADHD and oppositional defiant disorders, social skills training, and separation anxiety. Lisa Bryan, the principal of SPA, shares a special rapport with children and adolescents, which she incorporates into her counseling work, especially through the use of play to help her younger clients feel more relaxed and receptive to therapy. She was the lead therapist on the child and adolescent unit of a major psychiatric facility, and taught at the elementary and high school levels for more than 16 years before entering the mental health field.

  • Only evidence-based therapy practiced

  • Safe environment for children to express feelings

  • Clear expectations of treatment goals and milestones

Choose how much involvement you want in your child’s actual therapy sessions, expecially with adolescents.  But you’ll always be kept  informed of your child’s treatment, progress and what you can do to reinforce it at home and school.

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Individual Therapy and Counseling

Many individuals find that working with a therapist on a one-on-one basis is the most effective and comfortable way to deal with their issues and concerns. SPA provides individual therapy services addressing a variety of problems and concerns, including anxiety and panic disorders, depression and grief, addictions and substance abuse, obsessive/compulsive disorders, problems affecting children and adolescents, and single or shared parenting issues.

  • Share your thoughts in confidence and without fear of judgement

  • Receive science based perspectives

  • Discover deep insights about yourself

We are currently receiving patients for individual therapy and would love to serve you.  Contact us today if you are ready to take your life to the new heights of empowerment available to those who participate in individual counseling and therapy.

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Couples Therapy and Counseling

Couples today face many unique challenges.  If you are a couple struggling to deal with each other, couples counseling or therapy may be a viable solution.  We help couples deal with issues like  poor communication, conflict resolution, marriage problmes and divorce.

  • Tap into your partner’s love language

  • Learn to appropriately manage conflicts

  • Learn to see through your partner’s eyes

There are many types of couples counseling that deal with a variety of challenges that couples experience as they try to create a comfortable and meaningful relationship.  Be it resolving conflict, learning to live together or re-learning to love and appreciate each other, counseling and therapy can be an effective step on the path to building and restoring relationships.  We encourage you to visit us sooner than later.   A proactive approach to couples therapy is a wise decision.

Bring Him/Her In

Family Therapy

Our approach to family therapy recognizes that symptoms of one person’s problems often appear in the same or in a different form in other family members, and that trying to “cure” a person in isolation from his or her family is often ineffective. For this reason, we believe that working with the whole family often provides the most enduring “cure.” Family therapy can offer great outcomes.

  • Learn to communicate in a caring manner with all members of the family

  • Experience fewer conflicts

  • Work together to set healthy boundaries

When immediate, blended and extended family members are all part of the treatment process every one learns from other family member’s perspective and gains an understanding of the emotions and feelings of themselves and the family as a whole.  It provides a great platform for healing and growth, personally and as a family.

Families Welcome

Group Therapy

Group therapy provides a safe environment in which the individual can explore how he or she affects and is affected by others. The group setting provides the individual with an opportunity to try out new, positive behaviors in a risk-free environment, and often proves to be a powerful source of learning and healing.

  • An additional level of support from group members

  • An excellent source of community resources

  • Often helps reduce the fees associated with therapy because group sessions cost less than individual sessions

Along with teaching and promotion social skills, group therapy increases emotional intelligence and empathy.  The group serves as a sounding board to test your ideas as well as offer opportunities to have accountability partners. Additionally, the group environment can help with motivation to propel you to your goals.

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