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ADAA promotes the prevention, treatment and cure of anxiety disorders and improves the lives of all people who suffer from them.
Brochure from the American Psychological Association addressing the causes, symptoms and treatment of panic disorders.
This site contains a wealth of information and links about panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, and social phobia as well as many other mental health issues.
Basic facts on panic attacks, agoraphobia, social anxiety, and social phobia.
Links and articles about social phobia.


Free Medicine Program
PO Box 630217
Miami, FL 33163-0217
(800) 921-0072
24 Hours / 7 days a week
Fax: (866) 705-0121
The mission of the Free Medicine Program is helping patients in obtaining prescription drugs and medications absolutely Free of charge.
Rx Outreach is a new Patient Assistance Program developed by Express Scripts Specialty Distribution Services, Inc. (ESSDS). The program provides qualified low-income individuals and families with access to generic versions of brand name medications.
The Partnership for Prescription Assistance brings together America’s pharmaceutical companies, doctors, other health care providers, patient advocacy organizations and community groups to help qualifying patients who lack prescription coverage get the medicines they need through the public or private program that’s right for them.
This site is designed to provide information about patient assistance programs which provide no cost prescription medications to eligible participants.
GlaxoSmithKline has established Bridges to Access which provides out-patient medications to eligible low-income patients residing in the United States who do not have prescription drug benefits.

NAMI Prescription Drug Assistance Program
See this site for some pharmaceutical companies that might offer medication assistance programs to low-income individuals and families.

This site contains a wealth of information and links about depression, panic disorder, and bipolar disorder as well as many other mental health issues.

Child and Adolescent Bipolar Foundation
Phone: (847) 256-8525

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
730 N. Franklin Street, Suite 501
Chicago, Illinois 60610-7224
(800) 826-3632
Phone: (312) 642-0049
Fax: (312) 642-7243

Depression and Related Affective Disorders Association
Phone: (410) 955-4647

Depression Central
Phone: (212) 876-7800

National Foundation for Depressive Illness
Phone: 1-800-239-1265



ADD Warehouse
300 NW 70th Avenue
Plantation, FL 33317
(800) 233-9273
Distributes books, tapes, videos, assessment on attention deficit hyperactivity disorders. A central location for ordering many of the books listed above. Call for catalog.

American Psychiatric Association
Phone: 1-888-357-7924

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Phone: (202) 966-7300

Ask A Patient
Patients rate medications and their side effects.

Attention Deficit Information Network (Ad-IN)
475 Hillside Avenue
Needham, MA 02194
(617) 455-9895
Provides up-to-date information on current research, regional meetings. Offers aid in finding solutions to practical problems faced by adults and children with an attention disorder.

Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders (CH.A.D.D.)
499 NW 70th Avenue, Suite 101
Plantation, FL 33317
(800) 233-4050
A major advocate and key information source for people dealing with attention disorders. Sponsors support groups and publishes two newsletters concerning attention disorders for parents and professionals.

Council for Exceptional Children
11920 Association Drive
Reston, VA 22091
(703) 620-3660
Provides publications for educators. Can also provide referral to ERIC (Educational Resource Information Center) Clearinghouse for Handicapped and Gifted Children.

Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance
730 N. Franklin Street, Suite 501
Chicago, Illinois 60610-7224
(800) 826-3632
Phone: (312) 642-0049
Fax: (312) 642-7243

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Phone: 1-800-950-NAMI (6264) 

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Web site:

National Institute on Drug Abuse
Phone: (301) 443-1124
Web site:

National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)
Office of Communications
6001 Executive Boulevard, Room 8184, MSC 9663
Bethesda, MD 20892-9663
(301) 443-4513 (local)
(866) 615-6464 (toll-free)
(301) 443-8431 (TTY)
Fax: (301) 443-4279

National Library of Medicine/National Institutes of Health/Medline

National Mental Health Association
2001 N. Beauregard Street, 12th Floor
Alexandria, VA 22311
Phone: (703) 684-7722
Fax: (703) 684-5968
Mental Health Resource Center: (800) 969-NMHA
TTY Line: (800) 433-5959

The Center for Mental Health Services
Phone: 1-800-789-2647
Web site:

Tourette Syndrome Association
42-40 Bell Boulevard
Bayside, NY 11361
(718) 224-2999
State and local chapters provide national information, advocacy, research, and support.

This site is filled with fun arts and crafts activities, as well as great educational activities….
Downloadable games, coloring pages, educational activities separated by grade level…
An online interactive coloring book….you can even add textures to your pictures…
Christian crafts, puzzles, homemade play dough and finger paint recipes for making you own…. 
Enjoy exercises and moves to chase away the blues for the entire family. Why exercise is best for beating stress…also games, arts and crafts and lots of other fun stuff.

American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry
Facts for families….the influence of music and music videos on our teens…and much more
Tips for talking to your kids about alcohol and drugs….by having regular conversations with you children, they are up to 50% less likely to use
Know what your child is doing on the internet
Get ideas on building positive family communication, learn how to listen to your child’s feelings, not just their words…clever questions to keep teens and grown-ups talking….articles on avoiding underage drinking and other teen health issues…..
Learn how heavy video games use by kids may slow brain development…
Studies on the effect of removing TV, games consoles and other computer devices on young children….
This site includes women’s issues, mother’s personal stories of their child’s mental illness and recommendations for help….ideas when becoming part of a step family….now what?
Enjoy exercises and moves to chase away the blues for the entire family. Why exercise is best for beating stress…also games, arts and crafts and lots of other fun stuff…..
Motivational games: fun and exciting ways to keep your child on track….these inspirational games will help you to motivate your and child and reward accomplishments.

An advocacy network of youth and young adult mental health…
Health education and articles to boost your child’s self esteem….positive character development, new ways to keep your child healthy


Alanon and Alateen Family Group Headquarters Inc.
1600 Corporate Landing Parkway
Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617
Phone: 888-425-2666

Alcoholics Anonymous
475 Riverside Drive
11th Floor
New York, NY 10115
Phone: 212-870-3400

Dual Recovery Anonymous World Services Central Office
P.O. Box 8107
Prairie Village, KS 66208
Phone: 877-883-2332

Narcotics Anonymous World Service Office in Los Angeles
P.O. Box 9999
Van Nuys, CA 91409
Phone: 818-773-9999


American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy
Phone: (703) 838-9808

Families for Depression Awareness
Phone: (617) 924-9383
Web site:


American Association of Suicidology
Phone: (202) 237-2280

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention
Phone: 1-888-333-AFSP (2377)

National Hopeline Network
Phone: 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

Suicide Awareness Voices of Education
Phone: (952) 946-7989

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